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About Me

Tiriq R. Callaway is an Atlantic City, New Jersey native who also credits Pleasantville, New Jersey as the town that raised him. He refers to his hometown as “Atlantic-Ville,” a name he coined by combining the two cities together. As a young kid growing up in the inner city, Callaway used writing as an outlet to express his feelings and experiences. He continues to gain daily inspiration from the world and his personal experiences. The author intimately expresses his thoughts and beliefs, and aims to make a personal connection with people to spread more hope, happiness, love, and laughter every day.

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shine through our shade: an evolution of self love

shine through our shade: an evolution of self-love, is a collection of poetry & prose about loving yourself, resilience, & survival. It explores & helps solve the problem of acting out of fear, desperation, & lack of knowledge of self that lead the youth & many others to a life of careless decisions & adverse consequences. Using personal encounters – as told through several relatable stories & heart-wrenching occurrences from an African American male’s perspective, the author delivers a melodic, vibration of inspirational poetry. This book will be sure to evoke many emotions that will inspire & illuminate the minds of readers to find the light within, so they too can shine through life's shade.


A Diamond In God's Dirt

My first self-published book A Diamond In God's Dirt details the story of my life, and the many things I've endured and had to overcome to accomplish goals and become the man I am today. The message of my book is defying your past for a prosperous future, not allowing your past to define you, but using those past experiences to make you a better person today. There are so many other messages in which you can be inspired to live a life that YOU want to live no matter the obstacles and other people's influences.


What people say about my book?


"A Diamond In God's Dirt" is an inspiring journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the will to succeed despite adversity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I was personally touched by the author's spiritual journey and how easy it was to relate to many of his thoughts and experiences. Many thanks to the author, Tiriq Callaway, for being so transparent and having the courage to share his personal story with the world. What an inspiring journey!

A must read!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed this book to say the least. I was very impressed, emotional touched, and moved several times throughout the read. A Diamond in God's Dirt is an authentically told, uplifting, fun, and heartfelt, story about a commitment to success, and to not letting life's adversities provide an excuse for mediocrity, defeat, or self pity. You will not regret reading this book. A Diamond in God's Dirt will make you feel like a winner or inspired to be one!


"A Diamond in God's Dirt" is engagingly entertaining and equally motivating. Throughout the entire read, Callaway captivates readers attention by being transparent. So why are you reading this review??!? Purchase and read the book already!!

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